About Us

I never thought I’d be writing a blog on diabetes. But then, I never thought I’d be a diabetic, either.

My name is Bill Quinn, and I’m a journalist, former ad agency owner and Internet consultant living in Phoenix, AZ. I’ve published three books, worked on major marketing campaigns for companies of all sizes. Until just recently, I was planning to settle down into a quiet, comfortable retirement lifestyle.

But then diabetes reared its ugly head.

When I was newly diagnosed, I admit to a bit of panic. Diabetes was something other people got–not Superman Bill!  But then my journalism roots kicked in, and I started to read everything I could about it. Soon I realized that so much was going on with new diabetes research, new treatments, new drugs, etc., that it was a real pain just to get my arms around it.  How could any diabetic get the info necessary to eat the right kinds of foods, get back into shape, lose weight, and somehow deal with the disease? The answer, I decided, was to consistently and systematically to gather all the news I could into one, convenient location.

And that evolved into this blog, “Diabetes Journal Today.” It’s all about diet and fitness when you’re a diabetic. 

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Here’s to good health for all of us…for many years to come.

— Bill

P.S. This site is for informational purposes only. We are not physicians and nothing on our site should be interpreted as medical advice. Always consult with your personal physician before changing your diet, exercise program or lifestyle. Diabetes is serious stuff; so again, check with your doctor, people!